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Tile and grout are very common materials used in construction of home, living areas as well as business and public areas. While tile and grout are very durable they require some yearly maintenance. In fact they require more maintenance as their condition starts to deteriorate. Tile and grout recommendations are listed below.

  • Deep clean alkaline wash - process used to remove dirt, soot, grease and oils from tile and grout.

  • Deep clean acidic wash- process used to remove deep rooted stains, dies, chemical burns and residues from both organic and non organic sources in the tile and grout.

  • Grout agitation cleaning causes the surface of the grout to release contaminants and foreign material from within the grout pours.

  • Clear and color stain sealants When Sealants are applied correctly , a stain proof barrier on the surface of the grout is created. Making it virtually impossible for staining to occur. This fights against spills , pet accidents and more.  The color of your grout may also be changed during this process to ANY color you desire. Color sealant is much more durable than clear sealant and will guarantee that your grout will be 100 percent consistent throughout 

  • Missing grout fill is included in all grout sealant applications. 

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Grout by nature is porous and tends to absorb what ever liquids, soils or oils that it may come in contact with. When the contaminant has been allowed to be absorbed and allowed to stay in the grout for an extended amount of time it may be more difficult to be removed by the process of washing. This is where the process of color stain comes to the rescue.  

  • Renew old stained grout with color change or restoration of original color.

  • Seal and protects grout from stains

  • 15 year expected wear

  • Interior and exterior applications

  • See manufacturer stain resistance testing here. click the link here --->

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Today Rob and his technicians cleaned all my floor tiles, fireplace, moved furniture, sealed and painted the grout, cleaned and sealed my kitchen granite. The results were unbelievable. It makes my whole house look like new. They went above and beyond my expectations. They are conscientious, pleasant and very hard working. Tomorrow they will be cleaning my garage floor. They have raised the bar high. I highly highly recommend them.


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