Welcome to LV Floor Restoration

We are a professional floor restoration company,

specializing in restoring tile and natural stone.

From a basic cleaning to a full restoration.

Our technicians are Stone Pro certified

with over 15 years of experience.

Our process will leave your floor looking new! 

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We CLEAN and RESTORE Floors Near You!

Marble  Travertine  Granite  Terrazzo  Limestone  Slate  Satillo Tile

 Linoleum  Vinyl  Tile  Grout

We also clean & restore countertops  showers  garages  tables and  fireplaces

Natural stone flooring contains both beauty and a higher monetary value. New installations of natural stone have no sealant or protectant and thus wear down their luster and shine very quickly. Our trained professionals have the ability and experience to showcase and protect the beauty of your natural stone.

Have your countertops, showers or natural stone furniture become dull or flawed?

LV Floor can restore them.

We use diamond resurfacing tools to restore the luster of your living areas!

Hard water can create calcium deposits and ruin the appearance of your natural stone shower. We remove ALL calcium and soap deposits then polish the stone to bring back its shine . Then we apply a sealer to protect your shower from any further damage.

We clean all carpets from slightly used to those in need of deep clean.

We pretreat and agitate to get that carpet as clean as possible.

We have the equipment and the know how to restore your outdoor natural and man made surfaces to their original beauty.

We have both chemical and

non chemical options! 

Tile and grout are very commonly used in modern day construction .

However, they are not installed with sealer or protectant. We offer professional cleaning services and low cost sealant application.

We can change the color of grout to any desired color!

Vinyl flooring is commonly used in business and residential construction. VCT or vinyl flooring needs to be cleaned very often as the sealant (commonly called "wax") is malleable and can absorb dirt.

If your floor is still looking dirty no matter how many times you clean it perhaps you need the sealant removed and a new coats reapplied!