Natural stone surfaces come in many different types. Travertine, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate, Terrazzo 


Natural stone countertops over time become worn, scratched, pitted and generally foggy looking. This is caused by the surface of the stone becoming unsmooth and flawed. See examples of repairable items below;

  • Spills both chemical and food/drink can cause discolorations, surface burns and etching.

  • Cutting, scratching, sliding items on the stone surface.

  • excessive heat left on the stone for extended amounts of time (can cause leaching of color).

  • General heavy use of a countertop will cause the stones surface to break down over many years.


Granite countertop cleaning service las vegas
countertop restoration services las vegas
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Natural stone tops and stone faced furniture contain tremendous value. Over time they lose their luster start to blend in. We use only the best stone care products infused with diamonds. See our restoration services below.

  • Clean and steel polish surface of stone

  • Clean and diamond cut less than 1 millimeter of stone surface. Process followed by acidic stone polish to bring out clarity and beauty

  • Clean and diamond cut more +1mm. This process is used to remove large cuts, deep scratches or very deep stains that have penetrated the stones surface


Showers are great places for minerals, residues and excess bath/body products to build up.  Have your shower deep cleaned, polished and sealed!

  • Mineral build up removal

  • Clear seal grout and stone

  • Color seal grout and stone

  • Professionally polish stone walls, floor and ceiling