Natural stone surfaces comes in many different types. Travertine, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate, Terrazzo 

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Travertine is a the most popular natural stone in high end homes and business. The stone is soft and made up of several layers of sediment. This is why the stone experiences chips, dips, scratches and discolorations. We offer restoration of this stone in the services below;

  • Deep clean natural stone

  • Deep clean grout

  • Travertine hole fill includes application of natural stone filler across areas of flooring experiencing missing stone.

  • Steel polish process removes all light surface scratches and imperfections. 

  • Grout fill is included in all stone services

  • Seal and Protect floor with sealant of your choice.

  • Grout color stain and seal allows customers to restore the original color of their grout and seal the grout at the same time.




— Nikola M.

Incredible service and results from LV Floor Restoration. A fragrance oil spill caused a burn on my natural stone floor. They are experienced and communicated the plan well to me. Highly recommended, the floors look better than new!


Marble being one of the softest natural stones used in modern construction must be handled with care and by a professional.  LV FLOOR RESTORATION professional stone services list below;

  • Deep Clean natural stone surface including all edges, next to toilets

  • Deep clean Grout lines

  • Polish and remove surface scratches by process of steel wool grinding across all areas. 

  • Professional removal of stains, etches and large scratches by means of hand sanding, polishing and blending.

  • Diamond restoration using tools infused with diamond fragments. Diamonds allow our technicians to safely remove layers of stone deeper then immediate surface scratches.

  • Grout Fill / Stone fill is included in all services for stone.

  • Seal and protect floor with sealant level of your choice

  • Grout color stain is included in full restoration services. 


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Granite natural stone flooring and counters are one of the most difficult stones to work with for novice stones workers. Granite is very hard. it cannot be treated with conventional natural stone polishing. We are experienced in granite restoration and have the professional tools to restore your natural stone at a fraction of the cost of replacement. See our granite options below;

  • Stone Surface Polish Restoration ranging from light micro scratch removal to heavy diamond cutting deep gouges and scratches from the stone surfaces

  • Color Restoration of Granite- Granite natural color can become leached from excessive heat and or exposure to minerals like hard water. 

  • Grout Restorations- Natural stone floors have a grout style that is different from ceramic tile. Restore the color your grout to any color of your choice! 

  • Grout Sealant- Natural stone grout sealant can be misunderstood by novice floor care technicians. We use only the best Dupont product grout sealers.


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Slate is a beautiful natural stone often used in flooring and showers. Residential and commercial construction use of slate often does not use sealant over the stone. The stone should be polished and the surface should be hardened to seal out future stains. We have mastered this process to ensure the natural beauty of the stone is displayed and the stone is properly protected. see our slate options below;  

  • Deep clean and Polish -The stone must be agitated and rinsed with an alkaline cleaner to dislodged dirt, oils and grime from the floor and grout surface. Steel wool and a stone hardener is used to achieve the floors sealant needs and give the look of a polished diamond.

  • Grout restoration- we do deep clean the grout between the natural stone tiles and offer a grout recolor and seal option.