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How often should you have your tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed?

There is not an overall clear or cookie cutter answer to this question. Every floor is unique with different needs depending on traffic , animals , kids , type of tile and more. If you are an elderly couple with NO children or pets . You can let much more time pass in between cleanings than a young couple with 3 kids and 2 dogs. Let's take a look at a couple common scenarios to determine the right answer for you.


When it comes to new homes the installers of the tile and grout usually never seal the grout . Knowing this fact makes the new home owner responsible to protect his or hers own new investment. The goal is to preserve the new floor as long as possible . That means sealing the floor to protect it from any future spills , stains , cracking or discoloration ASAP. (preferably before you move all your furniture in) . The easiest way to do this is to call the professionals, US (LV FLOOR RESTORATION). We guarantee for at least 6 months that your grout will stay looking as new as the day it was installed. We use the highest quality Heavy Duty tile and grout sealer on the industrial market out there. Please DO NOT try and seal the grout lines by yourself because you watched a YouTube video and it looks easy. That is the quickest way to ruin your new grout, as your floor should be professionally cleaned first due to the dirt and dust from the contractors . And the quality of sealer that average consumer can get a hold of doesn't even come close to professional grade sealers. You think you can save money this way, " I will just clean and seal it myself ". HUGE mistake! You can easily discolor your grout lines because a lot of the over the counter grout sealers leave behind a white residue if the floor isn't completely dry before applying and you can end up sealing a lot of dirt and dust into your grout lines due to the fact that you didn't professionally suck up ALL of the dirt out with an industrial extractor.

Sealing your grout is quick and easy for us because of our experience. Since its painless for us it will be pretty painless to your bank account . It is one of the more inexpensive processes that we do . So don't cut corners. Its not worth the headache in the long run. Spend a few extra doll hairs and get it done right because your new floor is worth it. After the initial sealant is applied you should get it professionally cleaned at least once a year to ensure it stays looking new. A new coat of sealant may need applied depending on the conditions. One of the floor techs will be able to determine that for you.


Older homes with tile and grout are much different than new homes . If you have an older home and never have had your floor professionally cleaned and/or sealed the chances are your tile and grout are looking pretty beat up. So first thing is first . You must remove All of that dirt and grime before even thinking about sealing your grout lines. Your tile does not require a sealant what so ever because it is a non porous surface so all of the dirt you see is just service dirt that can be removed with some diligence no matter how dirty it may appear to be. Your grout on the other hand is a different story. It absorbs and holds on to a lot of that dirt and grime from years of wear and tear giving it an old and dingy appearance which is a big eye sore, for you the home owner. Your floor is in desperate need of some restoration at this point so this is where the professionals come in. Those damaged grout lines need some serious attention. We must acid wash them to release the years of dirt and stains. The majority of the time no matter how clean we get the grout, it is discolored . It's like a white t-shirt that has pit stains . Its clean but it doesn't appear to be clean. We can't help you with the shirt but you better believe that we can make your grout lines look new again . We have to physically paint them with a colored sealant which in turn protects them as-well. This gives a uniform appearance to your floor making it look new again. I cannot recommend this process enough for older homes. This process is very tedious and time consuming which makes it a bit more expensive then the clear sealant applied to the new homes. It is so worth it though. After your grout is professionally restored you should have it cleaned approximately 1-2 times a year depending on the traffic in your house . This sealant holds up to the nastiest of spills, so if maintained properly , a once a year cleaning should suffice. Remember, since you already had the tile and grout sealed, it will only cost you a fraction of that initial restoring process to keep it looking new. Sometimes you will only need to have the high traffic areas cleaned saving you even more money.


These are a couple of sample scenarios that apply to the majority of the homes out there. We know your floor is one of a kind so if you want to learn more on how to bring your tile and grout back to life or on how to preserve it via clear or color sealant just reach out to us by phone or website chat. One of our technicians will be happy to come take a look at your floor. I hope this post helps you understand a little more on when you should get your Tile and Grout cleaned and sealed . Our number as always is 📲 (702) 349-1457.

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