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Grout Recoloring VS Grout Sealing

We have another fight on our hands but this time its between Grout Sealing vs Grout Color Sealing. Which one is the best option for you? First we have to take a look at a few different scenarios to determine which is the best choice for your floor. Grout Sealing or Grout Recoloring can be done on any type of grout regardless of the floor type. It doesn't matter if you have marble , travertine , limestone or just plain ole tile and grout . The results will be the same. We shall discuss grout sealing first . Let's s dive right in.

What is Grout sealing exactly ? It is a process in which a clear protectant is applied to your grout lines to help them defend against aging , spills , stains , cracking , discoloration and daily wear and tear. The sealer may be applied many different ways. Sprayed on and then buffed in , painted on with a paint or toothbrush , a grout sealer applicator bottle to name a few examples of application. We personally use ?? Sorry , we won't give away our secrets that easily. We will gladly show you if you hire us for this service or you can even find out through a FREE demo. Easy to set up . Call or even text (702) 349-1457 or just hit the chat button. There is 24 hour support... Back to sealing your grout. A clear grout sealer is needed on only a few occasions. First occasion being if you have just purchased a new home. Considering the grout is new, there is no need to recolor it. You just need to protect it from becoming permanently stained or damaged . A clear coat of sealant is perfect for this. A light cleaning first of course and then the sealer can be applied. The floor must be completely dry before applying. You don't want white hazy spots now do you. This process is fairly simple but can go south really quick if your impatient or you use the wrong product... Second scenario would be if your grout isn't that dirty or stained . Then we can come in and professionally acid wash your tile and grout and then add the clear sealant if the grout appears to be in good condition after it drys . This can usually be done in homes with light to medium traffic. This probably means no pets and minimal parties. To sum it up, New floor = clear sealant and light to medium traffic houses = clear sealant .

Grout recoloring is usually necessary for all other occasions. Grout coloring is a process in which the grout color is either changed or matched to the original color to guarantee that every single line is completely consistent making your floor one beautiful uniform piece. If your grout is dingy , stained , black , discolored or you just want to change the color of the existing grout , this process is definitely for your floor. Discolored grout can make your floor look really aged and can be a huge eyesore . Recoloring is the best option in this case. The paint is actually a color sealant made just for the grout, meaning there is heavy duty sealer mixed already in with the paint. We use an acrylic formula which is the most durable product on the market . It holds up against the toughest spills and abuse. It is ready for war. The color is applied with a brush of choice after the floor has been professionally cleaned and ALL the built up dirt has been extracted away . You can apply the color while the grout is still wet. The floor is cleaned and buffed at the end ensuring that there is NO left over paint residue or footprints 👣 . This process is much harder to apply then the clear coat sealant . It is very messy and you have to have a real steady hand . We consider ourselves to be artist during this step. This is back breaking work but is definitely worth the result. We offer this service for residential homes and commercial businesses. This is great for a remodel of your business. This will brighten up your whole establishment making it much more inviting to potential or existing customers. It will hold up against all that foot traffic and is very easy to maintain once completed as the dirt just stays on the surface and none is absorbed. Are you ready to transform the look of your floor? I hope the answer is yes. I have personally done my own kitchen and living room which is tile. I have 4 small dogs and 3 kids and my tile and grout stay looking great with a little maintenance of course but what doesn't need maintenance from time to time.

Now you know what to do when it comes to sealing your grout . Hope you found this helpful.

Much more content coming soon. so stay tuned . Call or chat with one of our techs for more information on this or any other floor restoration topic. We do it all from carpet cleaning , tile and grout cleaning , strippings and waxing , floor sealing , crystallizing, to a full diamond polishing restoration. We got you covered for any and all your flooring needs.

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