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A few good reasons you should get your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis.


There are many of reasons to keep your carpets as clean as possible. We will take a look at a few good reasons to get your carpets cleaning professionally biannually , annually or even quarterly depending on how much traffic your carpet is exposed to.

Reason #1 - Bacteria ...Microscopic critters live in your carpet . 🦠 Such as dust mites , dog dander , dead skin cells , mildew and who knows what else. These little pest will make it difficult to breathe . They can also make you more susceptible to getting sick as they can weaken the immune system . Professional carpet cleaning can help reduce and eliminate these unwanted invisible health hazards .

Reason #2 - Appearance ...Over time your carpet looses its fluffiness and the carpet fibers can get compressed giving your carpet an old worn appearance. Professionally cleaning can and will help prolong the life of your carpet . Keeping its appearance looking fresh and new.

Reason #3 - Stains ...The longer you wait in between cleanings , the more your Carpet becomes susceptible to unremovable staining . The longer the stain sits there without professional extraction , the bigger the risk you have of discoloring those carpet fibers. TIP: Wipe up any spills with hot water ASAP to help reduce the chance of discoloration.

Reason #4 - Easy maintenance ...Your carpet fibers are less likely to hold on to dirt and stains the more often you have it professionally cleaned do to the fact that the carpet fibers are raised and separated during the cleaning process . This helps the dirt to be easily released during regular vacuuming.

These are just a few reasons to professionally clean your carpets on the regular. Carpet cleaning is reasonably priced making it affordable for just about anyone. We here at LV FLOOR RESTORATION are currently offering a $20 a room special with a 3 room minimum . So no need to keep procrastinating because you can't afford it. Breathe some life back into your carpet by calling the pros US. 📲 (702) 349-1457 or click the chat button to talk to one of our techs. Easy as 1-2-3.

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