Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine, and ALL other Natural Stone: 

·         First, we deep clean the floor with a heavy-duty natural stone cleaner.

·         Grout lines are restored by brushing each line by hand with a Natural Stone Angle Brush, pressure steam is used when necessary.

·         Sand all stains such as rust, urine, wine, blood, abrasive cleaners, minor scratches and imperfections.

·         Over saturation of Natural Stone will cause holes and cracks. Special attention is paid to carefully filling most obvious imperfections, using a special Epoxy stone filler.

§  As a courtesy missing grout lines will be filled in with original color either sanded or non-sanded.

·         Polishing can be done several ways; our technicians will use different methods to achieve the natural sheen and luster of any stone. Including diamond polish, steel wool pad, or a Natural hog hair pad. Special attention is then paid to the edges and corners.

§  A Honing method is used when clients prefer a flat matte look,

§  this method is also used to remove minor to moderate scratches from natural stone.

·         The floor is then sealed with the level of protection or length of guarantee chosen by client.

·         Level 1 sealer is; BASIC

·         Level 2 sealer is; HEAVY DUTY

·         Level 3 sealer is; BULLET PROOF 

·         Once sealer has dried the floor is then buffed with a new white pad, once again paying special attention to the edges and corners.   


Natural stone surfaces come in many different types. Travertine, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate, Terrazzo 


·      Granite is gently scraped clean with a Granite scraping razor.

·      All hard water and any excess silicone are removed from around sink and edges.

o  Sanding any minor scratches or blemishes.

·      Polishing is done with Granite polish or Crystallizer.

·      Granite is then sprayed with Revitalizer, a cleaner/protectant.