Carpet extractions, low moisture encapsulations, spot removal, wax/gums removal.



Carpets are made up or tens of thousands individual fiber strands. These strands often become

  • Stained from spills, smoke and accidents 

  • Embedded soot or soil (foot traffic)

  • Matted down (traffic, furniture placement or rugs

  • Worn over time and appear dull

  • Residue build up from many cleaning chemicals used in carpet over time can cause a "dirty look"

  • Wax/gum Removal 

  • Blood and biohazardous Material

Stains can sit at the top of carpet fiber strand not soaking down to the carpet pad if they are picked up soon after their creation. Soaked stains can penetrate down below the carpet fibers into the carpet pad and can reappear following light cleaning. You might clean it but it keeps coming back.

Reoccurring stains must be extracted several times and perhaps will need a dwell time with deep clean stain remover.

Soot, soil and dirt (often near entrances ways and high traffic areas) can be removed. Encapsulation following the carpet extraction can trap dirt and prepare it for removal.

Removing carpet matting in heavy traffic areas requires attention to the carpet fibers first. The fibers must be stood up and then pre treated with a pH cleaning solution.

Dwell time is the amount of time the cleaning chemical must be in contact with the carpet fibers before it is extracted. Dwell time is increased depending on the carpet.

Many treatments of any fibrous material (like carpet) can leave a residue in the material. Removing residue from carpets must be done with a neutral pH rinse in the final processes.

Wax and Gum removal are simply treated with our professional care tools and chemicals.